Lian Li Galahad AIO 240 A RGB Liquid CPU Cooler [Black/White] (PC CENTRAL)

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  • The GALAHAD AIO is compatible with most mainstream motherboard softwares, allowing users to create a synchronized system with ease.
  • Through the included controller, switching between 17 lighting effects is a breeze.
  • The Lian Li Galahad 240mm AIO CPU Cooler features a high static pressure fan (800-1900 PWM), a machine detailed aluminum housing, triple chamber water pump design that increases heat exchange efficiency and reduces dead zones, 400mm flexible braided tubing, removable aluminum block cap, and multiple ARGB LED modes on both waterblock and fan which can be changed via the included controller.
  • Compatible with most mainstream CPU sockets such as Intel’s LGA 115X, LGA 1366, LGA 775, 1200, 2011, 2066 and AMD’s AM4, allowing users to experience a hassle-free compatibility checking process.